The Beauty Quiz


Please take this Beauty Quiz so I can tailor my services to your preferences.  

This is so I can build a profile about your skin and your makeup preferences. That ultimately means I won't send you just any skin care that is suitable for all skin types, Things I need to know are your skin type, what skin concerns you have, which products you use or don't use, what you would like from your skin care, do you like makeup and what type of makeup do you like, other areas of skin or body care you are interested in, etc. I'm asking for your address so I can send you samples and your phone number so I can follow up by text to let you know samples have shipped and to see how you're getting on once you have had your sample consultation. Why do I ask for your birthday? So I can send you a gift (usually discount vouchers).
 You can also give me your anniversary date and a name and number for your other half, then I could contact them to give them a hint for presents based on your wish list, if you set one up with me. 

My Primary Skin Care Needs Are:
If I don't use moisturiser, my skin feels:
Other Skin Care Concerns / Needs:
Eye Area Concerns
Lip Area Concerns
Preferred Foundation Finish
I'm interested in learning more about:
When I wear makeup colours, I like:
When I wear makeup colours, I like:

Thanks for submitting!