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Clean Beauty - What is it?

Earlier this month I explained about Clean Beauty on my Facebook page, Facebook group and my YouTube Channel; so I thought I would do a quick summary of what I explained in case you haven't seen it yet. The Clean Beauty movement started in about 2010 spearheaded by the likes of Goop and since then more and more people are concerned about their cosmetics being 'Clean'. To give you an idea of the growth between 2010 and 2018 - the Soil Association reported in 2018 that they had about 10,000 products registered COSMOS EcoCert. That is 10,000 products registered in just 8 years.

So what is Clean Beauty? It started with an idea that your beauty products had to be 'natural' and 'organic' and evolved to them having to be 'chemical free' and 'toxin free'. In my video I explain why these terms are a bit misleading; after all, water is known as H2O, which is a chemical, right? Toxin free is similar, someone can eat totally natural and organic nuts, yet if they have a nut allergy, those same nuts can be deathly toxic. My take is that it means that products are as stripped back as possible, that they don't contain ingredients that negatively affect the client's skin. For me it has always been important that your skin care and makeup suits your skin. This is where my services get into their own, because I will find out what products are in your skin care, I will find out if you may be sensitive to any ingredients. The crucial thing for me is that your skin ends up in the best possible condition, so you have the most flawless canvas for your makeup, so you have to use less makeup to cover up and use makeup to enhance your best features. If you want to know more about your skin and how to do your makeup, do get in touch and see how I can help you. If you don't want to go to Facebook or YouTube to watch my video, then you can watch it here. I hope the quality is not too bad, it's a live recording, so subject to internet strength.

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