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Effects of alcohol on your skin

So we’ve had the festive days behind us (mostly) and now it is time to address the damage of our excesses. Many of us go on a diet or a healthy nutrition plan, which hopefully means the alcohol will be kept to a minimum, which is a good thing.

I wanted to address the effects of alcohol on your skin. So often, I get ladies wanting to have a skin care party and they want to break out the fizzy or other alcoholic drinks. I do always say don’t, but quite often when I arrive the bottles are already open and drinks get handed out. It is such a shame this can’t wait a little, at least until after the skin care and / or makeup is applied. There’s a reason why I ask you not to serve alcohol. Here is why:

Drinking alcohol is one of the worst things you can do for your skin, it’s a diuretic, so takes water out of your body, but also makes it harder to rehydrate, which is why drinking leaves your skin dry, you’ll see flaky skin, more fine lines and wrinkles.

What else happens to your skin?

Alcohol also has inflammatory effects on your skin, that’s the redness, causes breakouts and puffiness.

The sugar in alcohol can quite literally crystallise your skin cells (glycation), leading to less plump, supple cells and a duller complexion.

Sugar in alcohol can initiate an insulin response and elevated insulin can have a negative affect on thyroid and sex hormones, causing hormonal imbalance and skin problems.

Alcohol can deplete healthy levels of the important bacteria that live in our gut – the microbiome, which helps to regulate our immune system, which is important in managing inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema.

What can you do?

Within 24 hours after drinking 3 drinks or more, your skin will appear dull, slack, lined and those who suffer from acne and rosacea will see flare ups.

Yet it takes about 3 days of abstaining from alcohol, which gives the liver time to excrete alcohol, sugars and its other ingredients, to see some improvement on your skin when skin starts to restore itself.

How can skin care help?

Vitamin A (retinol) can help restore the effects of alcohol, so use of TimeWise Repair Night Cream, and also natural oils such as Naturally Nourishing Oil, products containing mega moisturisers like hyaluronic acid - the TimeWise Volu-Firm Repair line would be your best bet to be fair, it does what it says, it Repairs

To encourage the healing process drink at least two litres of water a day, adding lemon to kick start the liver's detoxification process.

It’s not all doom and gloom!

The crucial part of the message isn’t that you shouldn’t drink alcohol at all, hurray! The message is that you have to be careful, it’s not great to drink alcohol whilst having skin treatments, so no alcohol in the spa, no alcohol at skin care appointments and skin care or makeup parties!

After the treatments or parties you are free to have a drink, but best not before or during. dont cornet to apply your recovery skin care before you go to bed and minimum 3 days after, ideally longer!


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