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What I Do...

I often get calls from people asking to book in for a facial or wax treatment. I sadly have to say I do not offer such services. I am a beautician, yes, I have learned to do facials and brow shaping, and no I haven't trained to do hair removal wax treatments. So what do I do?

You Beauty BFF Offers you Skin Care Advice, Try Before Your Buy, Makeup Tips
What I Offer...

I give my clients my knowledge, professional tips and techniques so you can leave feeling empowered with the tools to continue your skin care and makeup regimes at home. The reason I use this approach and not the same approach as any other beautician is that I know that just the one facial treatment on my couch will not improve your skin in the long run. You'll have to get into a daily routine and keep it up at least 4 weeks to see any lasting results. So I give you the tools to achieve this at home. Now I can hear you think; but doesn't that mean I don't have to come back for another treatment? Yes of course I want you to come back, in fact I will follow up with you to ensure you are getting the maximum benefit from our sessions and the products that I recommend to you, I will be you new Beauty BFF.

Everyone needs a Beauty BFF
I will be your Beauty BFF

Over the course of a year, your skin care needs will change, your makeup needs a change, you may want to try something new, I may have something new to offer you. This is not just a one-off treatment and maybe I will see you again some day. This is an ongoing service in which you have a beauty advisor at your back-and-call (almost) 24/7 for as long as you want and need me to be there for you. Together we will work to get the best skin you can have, no matter what your age, we will keep your look up to date, we will find solutions if you bump into a skin care crisis or makeup nightmare.

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