• Nicolette Smith

Hydrate or Moisturise? What's the difference?

The beauty industry uses the terms hydration and moisturising as if they are interchangeable, most generic products nowadays are created to give you both - a little bit - but in real terms they are different and sometimes your skin needs more of one or the other. If you use a generic skin care regime and are using it fairly consistently, but still find something is lacking and your skin is still not clear, then you may have to look at supplementing your existing skin care regime. It could mean that you need more moisture or your skin needs to be hydrated more and yes, these are different things! What is the difference? In short one attracts water to your skin and the other locks in water, you need the locking in, but you also need the attractor, this is why modern basic / core skin care has both built in. However, when your skin isn't working it's best for one reason or another, you may need more support and add in an extra product to your skin care regime that does more attracting of water or an extra product that does more locking in of water, at least as long as your skin isn't getting better from a standard skin care regime, you may have to use supplements until your skin is better. So how do you know which one you need? Well if your skin is dry and flaky or peels you're looking at skin that needs moisturising, if your skin doesn't flake, but feels tight, then you need a hydrator. It really is that simple. There is a bit more information that you need such as what ingredients to look for on your product packaging. This blog post will become way too long if I write it all out here, but I have prepared a special document that helps you guide the way. Want to know more? Click here to receive my full PDF document.

Nicolette Smith, The Beauty Coach

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