Limited-Edition† Lash Love Fanorama™ MascaraBring your smallest and shyest lashes to the forefront with the help of this new, groundbreaking brush. Three-zone application allows you to coat lashes from corner to corner with the tried-and-true Lash Love® formula. Silicone bristles are stabilized by an inner core to give you full control over your lash look. An hourglass shape, rows of rounded bristles and a super special fan tip work together to ensure each and every lash gets the love it deserves.†Available while supplies lastKey Benefits:• Separates and evenly coats lashes• Moisturises lashes• Strengthens lashes• Conditions lashes• Pigment-rich formula• Defends against breakage and brittleness• Water & tear resistantKey Ingredients:Vitamin E: An antioxidant known for its moisturizing and conditioning benefits.Panthenol-Pro Complex®: Our exclusive complex containing provitamin B5 (panthenol) and phytantriol — ingredients commonly used in shampoos and conditioners that together attract moisture from the air and bind it to hair. In mascara, this complex adds moisture to eyelashes and helps the mascara apply more easily.

Fanorama Mascara


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