Give the gift of a custom makeup palette, chosen by the receiver of the gift.
Includes a generously sized magnetised palette that offers the ultimate storage for your makeup palettes. Eyes, cheeks, pressed powders and creams in metal makeup pans. 

This palette does NOT come with any product, it comes with a voucher for the receiver of your gift to book an exclusive appointment with me, to go through the makeup options and they can choose makeup to fill the palette with up to £91 worth in products, so they can custom design their own combination of products. 

Examples of what can be included: 
1 x Pro Palette 
1 x Pressed Powder
1 x Illuminating Bronzer
2 x Cheek colours
6 x Eye Colours
Total value £110
This is just under half of what example images show. 

If you want to add a smaller amount towards makeup that is also possible.
Minimum recommended would be:
1 x Pro Palette 
3 x Eye Colours
1 x Cheek Colour
Total value £51
The rest they can built up later.

The ProPalette holds up to 42 rectangular eye makeup pans (15mm x 22.5mm) or 16 rectangular cheek colour pans (22.5mm x 45mm) or 8 large square powder or cream pans (45mm x 45mm) or any combination of the above.

Saves the planet because you don’t have to keep buying new palettes with combinations that you use some, but not other shades, you simply replace the shades that you have run out of! 
Metal makeup pans can be recycled too!

Pro Palette Gift Bundle


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